Paragon Pax was a subscription box created by the minds of Hard Times Clothing.

To begin with the idea was only a Kickstarter campaign and within a matter of hours of it being up on Kickstarter the idea was fully funded and a dream quickly became a reality overnight.

Like all small company’s though it had its kinks to iron out and mistakes were made. As a result Hard Times Clothing has decided to shut it down to focus more efficiently and effectively on the upcoming season and new ventures it’s exploring.

“Paragon Pax was hard, not only was it a strain to maintain another 3 different social networks but trying to point people to that site as well as Hard Times became difficult. I realise one of the main things I should of done was kept it all on Hard Times. As a result I decided that upon closing Paragon Pax that a similar system and product will come to Hard Times Clothing at some point in 2019, so though it’s the end…it’s only the beginning.” – Matthew Crooks CEO

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